Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that we are frequently asked. They are in no particular order. While these answers are truthful, please keep in mind that they do not impose any restrictions or obligations upon us. Every situation is different, and some circumstances might require different things. We strive to be as accommodating as possible. However, please remember that we are also a business, and we want to be able to help people host beautiful and affordable weddings in the DFW area for a long time to come.

  • Q. Is this the only package that you have?

    A. Yes, basically. Our package is ideal for the bride who wants a simple, affordable, and beautiful wedding. The bride needs to supply a minister, clothes, flowers, a photographer, and other minor accessories. She is also free to supply other types of vendors so that her wedding will be the wedding of her dreams.

  • Q. Do you have an option for a wedding only?

    A. The wedding only package is $2400 (plus a $300 refundable damage deposit). This package is three hours long and includes everything in the package that has to do with the wedding itself. The wedding only package can only be booked Monday through Thursday (and occasionally on a Sunday) due to the immense popularity of our wedding and reception package.

  • Q. I want a very simple wedding with just a few family members present. Anything for me?

    A. Okay, final variation. We do have a “walk-in” wedding package. It is $400 (plus a $300 refundable damage deposit) for one hour. The wedding party will need to arrive dressed. Essentially you show up, we describe what is going to happen, and you get married. There is time to snap a few photos, but essentially that’s it. This package is limited to 14 people total-this includes the bridge and groom. You supply the minister, clothes, flowers, and other minor accessories. Because this package does not require a large time commitment, we can schedule this package on any day. However, a weekend date would have to be booked around a pre-existing full wedding/reception booking so that we know what time slots are available.

  • Q. What’s your cancellation policy?

    A. This is definitely one of our most frequently asked questions, and it is certainly a very important one! We are sympathetic to your circumstances. However, since weddings are planned so far in advance, it costs us tremendously if you cancel or postpone your wedding and that date goes empty. As a result, there can be no refund, even if we rebook the date.

    That being said, if you can’t have your wedding on the original date, there is no penalty for moving your ceremony to an earlier available date. If you need to postpone to a later date, you can. However, there will be a $250 charge and the new date must be within three months of the original date.

    If the wedding is canceled entirely, then the cost varies depending on how early you cancel. As stated in the contract, the deposit is non-refundable and non-assignable. There are two additional payments-one that is due four months and one that is due one month prior to the wedding. These payments are non-refundable after the due dates pass. We will, however, refund any money that has been paid in advance of the due dates.

    We also try to work with the military. If you need to reschedule due to military obligations, just show us your official orders that prevent either the bride or groom from being present on the original wedding date and we will waive the $250 rebooking fee.

    Other circumstances will be taken into consideration. However, they will be handled on a case by case basis, and in the end the decision will be up to us.

  • Q. On your package – Why is there a price for the chapel and a separate price for the reception?

    A. This is because not all weddings require catering. However, if you do choose to add catering, then we have to charge you 6.50% sales tax on both the food and the price of the reception package. If we didn’t separate the pricing for the reception from the price of the chapel, then we would have to charge you tax on the entire package. Essentially, because we separate them, we save you $175 in sales tax. You’re welcome.

  • Q. What if there’s bad weather and we can’t have the wedding?

    A. Realistically, there is no good way to postpone a wedding on short notice. It is a nightmare for vendors, guests, and the wedding party. Unfortunately weddings are at the whim of Mother Nature, but we will do everything in our power to help you smooth out any problems she throws our way.

  • Q. I don’t need a coordinator (or décor, etc). Will that lower the price?

    A. In our effort to create a beautiful, affordable wedding package for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we left out basically everything that is not absolutely essential. This allows us to help our brides save as much money as possible by not being forced to purchase things that they don’t want or need. As a result, there really isn’t anything to cut from the package to save you money. So, essentially, no, there is no way to lower the price. You can, of course, add additional vendors if you desire something that is not included in the package.

  • Q. What if I want to use my own cake vendor or my aunt wants to make my cake?

    A. Okay, this is one way that you CAN save money on your wedding. We will credit your account $250 if you choose to provide your own cake. We realize that in the package there is a $350 cake allowance but we’re only crediting $250. This is because we know the quality of our vendor and we know your guests will be impressed with their work, so we want there to be a financial incentive to use our vendor. However, if someone else wants to make your cake as a wedding present, then that’s a $250 present. That’s a pretty sweet deal (pun intended).

  • Q. What is involved with the making of the cake? Do we need to provide the decorations for the cake (i.e. flowers)? How does the cake selection process work?

    A. You can make your arrangements with our cake vendor. She bills us for the first $350, and you pay the difference if the cake you select costs more than that. If you’re trying to save money, butter cream icing is usually more affordable than fondant icing. However, the ultimate choice is entirely up to you. Decorations are also arranged through the baker, though the florist will usually work with the cake vendor if you so desire.

  • Q. What should I bring to rehearsal?

    A. Everything! Well, everything except your rings, wedding clothes, and fresh flowers. But otherwise, we highly encourage you to bring everything else. This includes your marriage license. We can also store your items so that you will have fewer things to bring on the big day.

  • Q. What time can my vendors arrive?

    A. Your arrival time is the time that your vendors should arrive. Essentially, “time in the chapel” is our product, so you can understand that we need to charge for any time that is spent there. However, if you absolutely need your vendors to come early, let us know and we can usually arrange it. There is a $200 per hour charge for early vendor arrival.

  • Q. If my time is over at 10 o’clock is that when I leave?

    A. If your time is over at 10 o’clock, then the building needs to be empty by 10 o’clock. However, we can help you along so that you don’t have to worry too much about it. About 30 minutes before your time is up, we want your DJ or announcer to announce that the bride and groom are leaving. This will get everyone outdoors for the big send-off. You should be able to get on your way with 20 minutes to spare. This leaves your family and friends about the right amount of time to collect your gifts, things out of the dressing rooms, and any decorations that you brought before leaving.

  • Q. The liquor policy says that service stops thirty minutes before my time ends and that there’s no “last call”. Why is that?

    A. This is because last call typically encourages people to grab one last drink. Keep in mind that while liquor at your reception is to be enjoyed, we don’t really want anyone getting drunk, especially moments before they jump in their car to leave.

  • Q. My mom’s a smoker. Is that a problem?

    A. No, that’s not a problem. While smoking is not allowed in the building, it is allowed in outdoor areas. We have several benches outside, along with ash buckets. Please let your guests know that they may smoke outside as if there is any smoking inside, your damage deposit is forfeited automatically.

  • Q. I saw a chocolate fountain for sale at a retail store. Can I use it at the reception?

    A. Home model chocolate fountains are not allowed. There are reasons why professional chocolate fountains cost $3000 while home models only cost around $65. You would not be happy with the home version, and we want to protect your special day. While we don’t supply chocolate fountains, we will happily recommend several companies who have done excellent jobs for our brides.

  • Q. My guys want to try on their tuxes at the rehearsal.

    A. The day before the wedding isn’t when you want to find out the tuxes don’t fit! Tell those silly guys to try them on immediately! Additionally, only the chapel and bathrooms are included in the rehearsal.

  • Q. What’s the earliest I can arrive on a Saturday evening? What’s the earliest I could have my wedding?

    A. 5 pm is the earliest you could schedule arrival. You should typically allow 1½ to 2 hours prior to your ceremony for dressing and photos. Arrival before 5 pm is not possible because the hour between the daytime’s departure and the evening’s arrival is entirely taken up with cleaning duties so that everything is clean for the evening wedding.

  • Q. What’s the earliest we can have our wedding on Friday or Sunday?

    A. On Friday you can’t arrive earlier than 5 (we have rehearsals at 3 and 4), but you can have your wedding whenever you want after that. On Sunday you can have your ceremony at any time.

  • Q. How much money is required to hold my date? How does payment work?

    A. Your date can be held for a $500 non-refundable down payment in cash, check, or credit card. This also holds the price, and it applies to the fee. After the damage deposit, half of the remaining fee is due four months before your wedding. The remaining balance will be due one month before your wedding. You can also send in payments as you like before the due date. They will be applied to your balance. Any fees for catering and sales tax will be due two weeks before the wedding so that you can have a more accurate estimate of the final wedding party count.

  • Q. Is set up and clean up time included in the 5 hours?

    A. We do the set-up and clean-up, so that does not infringe on your time.

  • Q. Do you have more than one wedding per day?

    A. On Saturdays we host two weddings. Occasionally we host two weddings on a Sunday, but that is rare.

  • Q. How many pews are in the chapel?

    A. There are 12 pews on one side and 13 pews on the other.

  • Q. How many guests can the chapel hold?

    A. The chapel and the reception hall will each seat 130 guests.

  • Q. We have 150 guests. Is that a problem?

    A. Well, it’s a bit of a problem for the last 20 guests who won’t get into the chapel! The other problem comes in the reception hall where there is just not quite enough room to move freely with that many guests.

  • Q. We’re going to invite 200 guests. Will that be okay?

    A. The experts say that you can expect 60%-70% of invited guests to actually attend. However, these rates will vary depending on various factors, such as if you and your fiancé grew up out-of-state or if you both grew up near the DFW area.

  • Q. Your site has listed that a digital piano is available. Is someone available to play it or can we use music from a CD for the ceremony portion?

    A. Most brides choose to use our pre-recorded music. However, if you have a musician they can certainly use the piano. If you choose to use our pre-recorded music, we will cue up the CD’s, play them, fade them in and out, etc. You can also mix our music and yours. For example, some brides bring a special song for the unity candle ceremony. You can also have a soloist, guitarist, harpist, etc. if you so choose.

  • Q. Is there prelude music that can be played for the guests prior to the actual beginning of the ceremony?

    A. Yes. You can provide your own music, or we can play beautiful, romantic, classical songs from our collection.

  • Q. If we provide ceremony music, do we need to provide a CD with all of the music in order?

    A. Yes, we would need to have a CD if any of the ceremony music is yours. It would help us if the songs are in order. However, it is not an absolute requirement.

  • Q. Since my fiancé and I will likely be taking pictures when guests go to the reception area, is there someone to keep guests entertained.

    A. Usually we open the buffet and (if you have a video) we’ll play the video when the guests arrive at the reception. If you have a DJ they would also work to keep your guests entertained. If you don’t have a DJ, then we can start the reception music for you. Since the buffet line is open before the bride and groom arrive, your guests will be full and happy and ready to pay attention later.

  • Q. If we decide to have a video presentation do we need to get the presentation together on a DVD with pictures/music pre-loaded? Is there someone who handles the video equipment?

    A. If you choose this option, our sound tech will get it set up. The video can be on DVD, or you can create it as a PowerPoint presentation and give it to us on a thumb drive. You can include music with the video or we can simply play background music during the video. Please format your presentation so that it loops on its own.

  • Q. How many tables are in the reception area? How many chairs per table?

    A. We will have 10 chairs per table (unless you have 60 or so guests then we’ll do 8 per table). There is a maximum of 13 tables.

  • Q. Your website says “decorated reception” – what exactly is decorated?

    A. It includes a number of things. You can choose from several different vases, candles, colored beads, etc. for the tables. We will also bring some color to the tables using 20″ x 20″ colored squares to go along with the colored candles, ribbons, etc. You are also welcome to bring your own centerpieces for us to use if you prefer. We’re pretty flexible. For instance, a bride might choose to use our centerpieces but then bring in some ribbons or flowers in her colors for us to work into the mix.

  • Q. Is someone available to serve the punch and cut the cake?

    A. We will provide servers for the cake and the punch. If you have someone you want to honor as a cake server, then we can certainly have their back.

  • Q. We’re on a pretty strict budget; so what’s the least expensive menu item we could buy from you.

    A. The least expensive menu item includes a variety of cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. It is $6 per person and is essentially all-they-can-eat.

  • Q. Do you have separate tables in the reception hall or hallways we can use? Is there a gift table? How about an easel to hold a large picture for signing or display?

    A. Yes, yes, and yes.

  • Q. Do you have an officiant on site that can perform the ceremony or will we need to hire one?

    A. You will need to hire one as we don’t supply the officiant. However, if you don’t have your own we will be happy to recommend one.

  • Q. Are there any additional charges outside of the standard rate?

    A. The only additional charges outside of the standard rate are for catering and alcohol at the reception. There is a $200 surcharge for anything other than a toast between the bride and groom, but since you supply the liquor you’ll save that money back. The damage deposit is $300. However, the damage deposit is refundable if all goes well, which it almost always has. Certain types of extensive decorating may incur additional charges, such as if we must hang décor from the ceiling or tie sashes around the chairs.

  • Q. Are there lower rates on Friday or Sunday or is it the same no matter the day of the week?

    A. Even though many Dallas area chapels charge a higher price for Saturday evenings since it’s such a prime wedding day, we decided that wasn’t fair. So it’s the same rate for any day or time.

  • Q. Are we allowed to bring in our own food or how does the catering work?

    A. We have a full commercial kitchen and any catering you would like is available. Catering is priced on a per person basis. You are welcome to use your own caterer for a $2 per person surcharge. However, caterers must have an employee identification number and hold themselves out to the public as professional caterers. For safety reasons, we cannot allow you to bring in your own food.

  • Q. If we don’t use a DJ how does the music for the reception work?

    A. We highly recommend having a DJ. Good DJs do a great job of getting the guests involved and boost the atmosphere of the reception. If you don’t have a DJ then we recommend that you choose someone to be the “announcer” (preferably an outgoing friend who doesn’t mind being the center of attention) who announces you when you enter the reception hall, the dances, cake cutting, etc. This person can also be in charge of playing the CDs since they’ll need to turn the music down for the announcements. They can also cue up certain songs for your first dance, etc. Our sound tech will also be available to help run the video and sort out any problems or issues.